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This wiki was designed to host course materials for various undergraduate modules in Anthropology at the University of Kent. Select your module from the list below to navigate to the appropriate course page. This site is provided for students in Francine Barone's seminar groups and may not be wholly transferable or compatible with other seminar leader's assignments or activities. That said, all Kent anthropologists are welcome to join and participate.

The virtue of wikis is that they allow many users to view and edit content collaboratively. The purpose of this wiki is therefore to allow students to share course information and materials with each other; to build a dynamic catalog of additional links, online content and multimedia; to assist in exam revision and essay writing; to provide additional communication and feedback with the seminar leader; and to complement lecture and seminar notes.

Moreover, this wiki will not be populated entirely by the seminar tutor, but relies on the contributions of all students. If this site is unused throughout the course, it will naturally not become an effective tool for exam revision or essay writing. It would also not be fair or advisable to expect a few students to fill in information or "crib notes" simply to be copied by others. This wiki should be used to enrich our ability to share information and knowledge, but it is not a substitute for intensive reading, attending lectures, attending seminars, visiting the library or making notes independently! In fact, you will have very little of substance to add without engaging in the aforementioned activities.

In short, its up to everyone to make this wiki worthwhile.

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Instructions here.

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Once you have joined, click on "edit" at the bottom of any page to edit its content. Please respect the contributions of others when making your additions, and note your changes in the "short description of changes" box before clicking "save". You can also click on the "discuss" button at the bottom of each page to leave a comment or visit the forum to start new discussions. Try to keep in mind good organization practices so that the wiki can continue to grow in a logical format. For more information on how to edit pages, including technical details and tutorials for first-time wiki users, look through the links in the "Documentation & Help" menu at the top of this page. Alternatively, bring questions to your next seminar or contact me for more help.


This site and all of its content produced by students must comply with the university's definition of plagiarism and guidelines for academic integrity which can be found here and here. Therefore, all material taken from other sources (included websites, blogs and videos!) must be referenced appropriately and their original author given credit.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License